Cheese and Berries Assembly

Talk about Sunday Funday! Five of us ladies took a culinary drive along the coast for some planned as well as spontaneous activities.

Our first stop was at Harley Farms, which specializes in goat dairy products. We petted the goats and then went into the shop to sample some of their amazing cheeses, olive oils, and even soaps! We all came away with some excellent cheeses to be devoured later.

Our next stop was Swanton Berry Farm, where you can pick your own berries! Apparently Swanton was the first in the United States to grow strawberries organically! We each picked several pounds of fresh blackberries and strawberries.

Following that we had no plans, so we headed back up Highway 1 and made a quick pit stop at Pie Ranch, where we all shared some delicious baked goods. This was to tide us over before lunch, for which we had all worked up an appetite picking those berries!

From there, we went back to Pescadero, where Harley Farms is, a true one stoplight town. Their main street seemed promising, so we wandered until we stumbled upon an eclectic but charming diner/bar/company store. A hearty lunch topped off with some ice cream put us all in a food coma for the drive home!