Holiday Hotel Hopping

VSC gal Deanna shared a holiday tradition of hers with us - to visit the beautiful and historic hotel lobbies (and bars) in downtown San Francisco.

The Fairmont: After complications in the 1906 earthquake, The Fairmont was completed in 1907. Year-round this hotel boasts The Tonga Room (1945), a tiki bar complete with pirate ship deck and floating band, but we had our eyes set on the giant holiday gingerbread house and Christmas tree.

Another patron enjoying the lobby made a bee-line for Ginevra to tell her he had seen her come in and invented a backstory for her! She was the fabulous Olivia Metlife, of MetLife fortune, who owned a blimp, had a pet capybara and had never ridden in the front seat of a car. We all wish we got more inventive compliments like this! 

The Big Four: This bar is named for the late 1800s Central Pacific's "Big Four," C.P. Huntington, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins and Leland Stanford who all resided in mansions surrounding the Scarlet Huntington Hotel in which this bar is located. Here we sat for a while and had delicious cocktails in the lush decor, surrounded by wood, green leather and antiques. 

Sir Francis Drake Hotel: Named for the 16th Century explorer who almost discovered San Francisco Bay, this posh hotel was built in 1928 and is known for their red-suited doorman. Here we (unsuccessfully) attempted to crash two private parties, and after more delicious cocktails got some great photos in the lobby with the tree.  Happy Holidays from the VSC!